BlendSpace : Create your own lesson


With BlendSpace

  • you can collect web resources in one place and share with just one link .
  • you can measure student understanding with built-in quizzes
  • you can monitor student progress and adapt to student needs in real-time

How teachers are using Blendspace?

Flipping their classroom

Project-Based Learning

Differentiated Instruction


Padlet: to create and collaborate

Padlet is a great platform for bookmarking and sharing digital content. Since in its launch a few years ago, Padlet (formerly Wallwisher)  has undergone several great updates that make it an ideal tool to use with students in class. Before we see some of the ways to use this platform with students, let us have a look at some of its features .

Padlet features :

  • Padlet is very easy to use and has a user friendly interface
  • Padlet is web based and does not require any software installation
  • It allows you to easily add notes, text, images, videos, and drawings to your wall
  • You can also add word documents from computer to your Padlet wall
  • Padlet provides a wide variety of layouts to choose from
  • Padlet works across multiple devices including mobile phones
  • Any Padlet wall you create can be embedded into your blog or website.
  • It enhances collaborative work. Multiple people can post to the same wall at the same time.
  • Any Padlet wall can be exported in a variety of formats including, PDF, image,CSV, or Excel.
  • Padlet is completely free

Source: Educational Technology

Kahhot: Classroom response system


Kahoot is a game classroom response system for schools and universities.

  • Ask Thought Provoking Questions ( Which motivate participation Through game-bases learning and Rewards in a social setting)
  • Students, take control of your own learning (Through research and creation you inquiere with meaningful questions, turning you in to a leader)
  • Easy-to-use, inclusive & highly engaging: Backed by academic research in blended learning. Using technology in your classroom will never be the same again


Movenote: video presentation

Presente your documents with video.

Movenote for education:

Teachers from all around the globe have been able to bring video presentations to their classroom with movenote. To get movenote for your classroom go to:

Movenote can also be used directly from your Gmail. Make video presentations without ever leaving your inbox!

source: Movenote